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6. Top 10 Resume Skills 2023

The Top 10 Resume Skills In 2024 (Hard Skills & Soft Skills!)

The Top 10 Resume Skills In 2024 (Hard Skills & Soft Skills!)

A resume is your potential employer’s first impression of you and your skills.

It is the determining factor whether you will move on to the next step of the hiring process or be rejected.

As you carefully craft a resume tailored for the specific role you’re applying for, note that how you report your skills for a job is much more important than listing a long list of skills that don’t particularly stand out.

Skill can be differentiated into two categories: hard and soft skills, and both are equally as important on a resume.  

Hard skills are usually teachable, while soft skills are much harder to develop because they are typically personality traits and extremely valuable to employers.

In this blog, we will list The Top 10 Resume Skills in 2024 (Hard Skills & Soft Skills!)

Ready to beat out the competition and land that dream job? 

Read on.

Top Soft Skills:

1. Problem solving skills

Problem-solving skills express themselves in defining problems, coming up with alternatives, assessing the best course of action and acting on it.

Problem-solving skills are especially important to potential employers as it is essential to have employees they can trust to handle such situations independently.

Problem solving skills can include:

  • Decision-making
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork 
  • Planning
  • Creativity

2. Teamwork

If you’re applying for a company, most likely than not, you will have to work with other people.

Proving that you are a team player and can work effectively with others is essential.

Employers try to assess candidates’ collaborative teamwork skills during interviews and when they look through resumes. 

Group interviews, designed to measure an individual’s group work skills, are also becoming increasingly common.

Teamwork skills can include:

  • Collaboration 
  • Cooperation 
  • Idea exchange 
  • Negotiation 

3. Leadership

Leadership skills are highly important, whether in a management role or when leading a project.

Highlighting that you can organize a team effectively to reach a shared goal will put you ahead of the other candidates.

Related leadership skills can include:

  • Ability to teach and mentor
  • Risk-taking
  • Team building

4. Communication

Having strong communication skills is important in every industry at every career level.

In the workplace, communication transmits an idea, instruction, opinion, or emotion from one person to another, usually with a response or other feedback.

It goes way deeper than just people talking to each other.

Having solid communication skills will prove to your potential employer that you can effectively communicate your ideas and work well with others.

Communication skills can include:

  • Active listening
  • Constructive criticism
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Public speaking
  • Verbal/nonverbal communication
  • Written communication

5. Time Management

Time management skills allow you to complete tasks and projects before deadlines while maintaining a work-life balance.

Understanding your individual, team and company goals can provide a starting point when deciding how to manage your time.

Showcasing your time management skills to potential employers will prove that you can stay organized even under pressure and allocate your work day accordingly.

Top Soft Skills:

6. Social Media

In this digital age, it is common for potential employers to expect that you have a general understanding and experience working with social media platforms.

Social media skills can include experience with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

You can also show your experience working with data analysis tools, graphic design, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media application tools.

7. General Computer Skills

Computer skills involve the ability to learn and operate various technology. 

While not every employer will need you to be an IT wizard, most employers expect you to possess general computer knowledge.

Hardware skills allow you to physically operate a computer and can be as simple as knowing how to turn devices on and off. 

Software skills help you to efficiently use computer programs and applications. 

Related computer skills can also include:

  • Typing/word processing
  • Fluency in coding languages
  • Systems administration
  • Spreadsheets
  • Email management

8. Accounting Software

Accounting skills allow you to accurately and ethically manage financial transactions, analyze financial data and generate financial reports. 

While your role may not be directly related to handling finances, having general accounting knowledge will always stand out to potential employers.

Examples of Accounting skills can include:

  • Budgeting
  • Accounts payable and receivable 
  • Billing
  • Financial reporting

9. Design Software

With artificial intelligence and machine learning on the rise, virtual experiences are becoming the norm, and the demand for designers and developers is high.

But worry not; most employers aren’t looking for you to design complex graphics. (unless you’re applying for a graphic designer role, of course)

Taking the time to learn simple design software such as Canva or Photoshop will show that you’re consistently improving yourself and learning new skills.

10. Languages

Job candidates with language proficiency in their CV have a significant advantage over monolingual candidates in many different professional roles and sectors. 

Being able to read or speak in another language other than your native language can open up a whole world of possibilities that would not be there without it.

According to Charles Vallena, CEO for Cuppabean, Language skills are good to have on a resume because they show you hold the ability to communicate more effectively in contexts when other people would find obstacles.

In business terms, this means better contacts and relations and thus better opportunities in a globalized world.

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